Feeling helpless because of spiralling fuel costs?
Stressed out by your daily office commute?
Wishing your office commute were safer, more convenient, and affordable?

Is that a yes? Welcome to Orahi, folks.

Orahi is a dynamic ride sharing system that lets you share car rides to office and back. It is a community-based system that enablesrides with friends, colleagues, and neighbours.Our system is safe to use, highly convenient, and very cost-effective.

Orahi is an initiative that addresses problems at 3 levels:

1. Individual Level

  1. Rising fuel costs, travel times, and traffic jams
  2. Safety issues when travelling
  3. Stress and associated diseases

2. Organizational Level

  1. Transport for employees (parking spaces and rentals, expensive office cabs, and daily hassles)
  2. Employee safety and satisfaction
  3. Organization's carbon footprint (emissions)

3. National Level

  1. Rapid consumption of fuel and non-renewable resources
  2. Rising levels of pollution
  3. Billions of dollars spent in importing fuel

Orahi goes beyond simple carpooling because it is an open andnon-restrictive systemthat features flexible timings, choice of co-travellers, cashless payments, women-only groups for travel, mobile alerts, fully verified members,zero entry/exit fee, a compulsion-freeservice, and upto 100% savings on fuel costs.

We care for our members. Each time you use the system, we promise to help you save money and hassles on your way to work. Each ride on our service is an experience. You'll end up feeling satisfied and happy on having saved fuel and played your part in reducing pollution. It is this same feeling that drives us, too.